Depends on who you are. Mainly, VoteFlipper helps political affiliated causes use limited resources in the most effective ways possible.


For parties: VoteFlipper should be used in conjunction with NGP VAN or GOP Data Center/i360 to provide an additional layer accuracy for voter propensity and provide additional swing voter opportunities.

For small campaigns: VoteFlipper helps small, resource-limited campaigns with the biggest problem: name recognition. Using VoteFlipper, small campaigns can quickly understand who to send information to.

For large campaigns: Voteflipper's job is to uncover opportunities and to kill fruitless expenditures. It either provides guidance to consultants and strategists on where to spend resources or challenges existing plans to do so.

For advertisers: Using VoteFlipper, advertisers can create the the most effective ads to date. Social media advertisers can target on an individual level with no interest-matching, batching, or scraping required. Traditional advertisers can utilize VoteFlipper by letting the council assist in targeting specific geographic areas.

For mega-donors: VoteFlipper's job is to help your causes win. It provides a way for mega-donors to see that their resources are being used in an optimal fashion; the goal is to provide reliable guidance instead of being a blank check.

For PACs: VoteFlipper lets PACs easily identify like-minded individuals for recruitment or to advertise to.

VoteFlipper is worth at least a few points in every race, with smaller races showing double-digit swings.

The purple ones, defined as roughly R+7 to D+7. As an alphabetical list: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Viriginia, Wisconsin.

On a single mid-grade workstation, VoteFlipper can calculate the USA's entire voting population (~153 million) in a few days.

This demo runs a couple dozen members that make up the VoteFlipper council. The full version runs a couple hundred members. The additional members understand voter geopraphy, voter demographics, and donation patterns significantly better than this demo. The full version also runs bulk calculations.

VoteFlipper's turn-out accuracy is very high and also directly proportional to the quality of information you provide it. If you provided vote history and disagree with the voter turnout prediction, it is likely because VoteFlipper sees something that doesn't appear at first glance.

For instance, political consultants and strategists advise that older voters tend to vote more than younger ones. While this is mostly true, VoteFlipper realizes that older voter turnout is negatively impacted by mortality rates starting at roughly age 60 and losing ~5%-7% per decade after.

VoteFlipper's partisan lean projection is best in class. It scales the entire political spectrum, from strong conservatives to centrists to strong liberals. If you disagree with the partisan lean prediction, try asking yourself if you see why Voteflipper predicted that value.

For example, if a voter profile is presented where the voter is older, white, and in a conservative area, VoteFlipper will try to err on the side of caution by not assigning stronger liberal values.

The full politcal spectrum VoteFlipper can score on is the following (from most conservative to most liberal):

Strong Conservative


Moderate Conservative

Slight Conservative

Centrist w/ Conservative Tilt

Centrist (+Strong Centrist)

Centrist w/ Liberal Tilt

Slight Liberal

Moderate Liberal


Strong Liberal

As described in a question above, the full version of VoteFlipper understands party affiliation better. Also, please see above for the States where this VoteFlipper demo is most accurate.

Lots of effort and math. For more history and explanation, please read the info link.

The info page goes into more detail, but the quick version is that other types of voter software attempt to use regression statistics for these problems. Those systems are rather inaccurate because they are designed to turn vague choices into numbers. VoteFlipper makes a choice and sticks by it. For example, regardless if VoteFlipper predicts that a voter will or will not vote in an election, VoteFlipper will be correct almost 90% of the time.

VoteFlipper also excels at making choices on new information. It is likely the information you inputted into it is something it has never seen before!

Yes. There are no database operations, no exports, or anything related to storage of information outside of a counter to prevent spam. Every request to the VoteFlipper demo requires a resubmission of the form filled out at the demo page.

From City Council to the Presidency, the full version of VoteFlipper is configurable to any election, any primary, any political cause, any advertisement, and any PAC in the USA.

If you're an American political interest or cause: contact us. At this time, VoteFlipper will not be working with international interests.